Risk advisory: Success in Africa, the last growth frontier

Risk Advisory
16. October 2023
Lantern Comitas


Risk is an unavoidable part of doing business, but it can be managed.   When it comes to expanding into new markets the level of risk increases accordingly, and it becomes even more important to mitigate where possible.

At Lantern Comitas, we have particular expertise in supporting clients who are seeking opportunities in Africa – and it’s not hard to see why they want to move into one of the most dynamic regions of the world.

The continent is bigger in size than the United States, China, India, Japan and the whole of Europe put together; it is home to more than one billion people – with the fastest growing and youngest population in the world – and an emerging middle class.  

The Brookings Institute notes that improved economic and political governance, together with a favorable global external environment, has set the foundation for Africa’s recent and much-heralded economic growth story. 

Experts say that “immense” investment opportunities particularly lie in education, energy, agriculture, consumer goods, banking and financial services, infrastructure, and urban markets.

But, Brookings says in too many cases “businesses in Africa encounter daunting economic, political, and social risks that reduce their ability to make long-term investment decisions.”

This is where the value of a partner like Lantern Comitas is vital.

We can draw upon an unparalleled network of sources and high level contacts built up over more than 30 years at all levels of society and in all sectors to offer highly confidential bespoke reports on matters affecting your business. 

This analysis will ensure that you are not caught unaware of issues surrounding the important investments and relationships that you want and need to make in order to take full advantage of doing business in what is a complex region.

We can help you choose the right partner, gain unmatched cross-sectoral insight, obtain accurate research and input, and gain access to the most senior political and business figures.

According to Barclay Bank’s Africa CEO, Kennedy Bungane, “Africa’s is the last growth frontier.  It is the one place you want to be in if you run a business that requires a sustainable growth strategy.”

Performing complex analysis and drawing key insights regarding the business environment in Africa is often difficult, time-consuming and requires key expertise in African economics and data analysis.

Whatever your information needs, we can help.


Written by Lantern Comitas

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