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Who we are

We help organisations amplify and grow their brand.

Our work spans Europe and Africa, covering several specialist sectors.

We partner with clients so they can communicate more effectively and drive change.

Within the Lantern Comitas team, we have decades of experience across public relations, digital, SEO, social media, marketing and more.

This gives clients a full range of services they can utilise to significantly elevate their brand and generate meaningful results.

Our mission is to help leaders who are building more ethical prosperity for all.

We also provide strategic risk advisory services and support clients with investor relations and public affairs.


As a boutique agency focused on driving real-world results, we’ve helped new brands, established companies and not-for-profit groups to:

  • Increase their visibility

  • Demonstrate social impacts

  • Achieve their objectives

What we do

Our Services

Strategic communications

Strategic Communications

Media Relations

Media Relations

Risky Advisory

Risk Advisory


ESG & impact investing

Digital & Design

Digital & Design

Public affairs

Public Affairs

Public relations

Public Relations


Marketing & Advertising

 Investor Relations

Investor Relations

Every service is tailor made for each client, so drop us a line  to find out how we can help. 


Client selection

“Lantern Comitas' consultants combine a deep knowledge of public relations and strategic communications with profound journalistic experience based on the team’s many years at the forefront of Kenyan and international journalism.”
Laikipia Conservancies Association
"I wanted to start by saying a big thank you, on behalf of all of us here at KAPI, for the work you have done with us. We have really appreciated your professional input and were delighted to end this part of our contract on such a high! The Media Training Day, followed by the evening’s Twitter Chat were both excellent and we must thank you Terryanne for your amazing skills as a moderator!"
Pepe Shaw, Marketing Director, KAPI Ltd.

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