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29. September 2023
Aidan Hartley


The movement to conserve wildlife and the environment in Africa has never faced such high stakes as today. 

While there have been remarkable successes in recent years, such as the decline in rhino and elephant poaching in Kenya, the general decline in biodiversity continues across Africa. 

The destruction of natural habitats, together with the extermination of wildlife, inflict incalculable losses on the health, wellbeing and heritage of communities across this vast and beautiful continent. 

Incredibly, much of the present discourse about conservation focuses on whether or not the protection of wildlife and wilderness helps local communities enough. 

While debate is healthy, the rhetoric often misrepresents the truth about the value to locals that results from protect these precious ecosystems. 

We at Lantern Comitas are passionate about our mission to demonstrate the value to local communities of well-managed conservation efforts, particularly in terms of their heritage, source of wealth, education, health, security and environmental well-being. 

Whether we create a sustainable future for Africa's still rich biodiversity, or lose it all, will depend in part on how effectively we can communicate the story of the importance of conservation to audiences in Africa and beyond. 

If you are a conservation organisation that would like advice about communications for your operations from our Africa-wide team, do please get in touch with Aidan Hartley at ah@lanterncomitas.com.

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Written by Aidan Hartley

Aidan Hartley is a bestselling author and journalist with a 32-year career spanning five continents working for Reuters, the FT, British television and other media. Born in Kenya, he has a very wide network of contacts across Africa and is deeply familiar with the issues, context, historical background and unfolding debates relating to the continent.


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