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Strategic Communications
14. November 2023
Lantern Comitas


Business growth and success are underpinned by quality strategic communications – or ‘strat comms’.  Strat comms a vital tool for businesses to manage their relationships with their key audiences because the quality of these relationships is what influences whether those audiences will do business with you. 

Strategic Communication has been described as “a process that organisations use to intentionally manage the relationships between them and their key publics” (CEO World). Oxford Bibliographies says ‘strat comms’ describes disciplines “including public relations, management communication, and advertising...for engaging in purposeful communication.” 

For our clients, it means managing and enhancing reputation to secure their advantage through influencing the right audiences.  

We do this using a range of techniques, taking advantage of the skills and experience of our international team of experts.

• Public Relations

Public relations is about helping organisations create wider awareness and build deeper trust. At Lantern Comitas, we work with our clients regionally, nationally and internationally to help them steer through the increasingly challenging media landscape where channels are becoming more crowded and we need to be more strategic to deliver results.

• Social Media

Social media has become a centrepiece for effective marketing and communication.  We help our clients refine their online presence with improved use of their social channels, including creating engaging content and social media campaigns that blend social media and PR together.

• Government Relations

Businesses are strongly affected by public policies; consequently, building long-term relationships with decision-makers and policy makers is important. Our team of experts, drawn from across the political spectrum and with dedicated teams in Europe, Africa and the Americas, is ideally placed to support clients who seek genuine political intelligence and strategic guidance.

• Crisis Communications

A crisis can have a devastating impact on an organisation’s reputation, success and share price. We have extensive experience leading national high-profile, high stakes crises and guiding our clients through sensitive and often highly charged matters across a range of areas including industrial disputes, terrorist attacks, sexual harassment cases and data breaches.

• Media Training

Being well prepared and knowing the best tactics to make your point can make a world of difference to the credibility of your organisation. Our team of international and highly experienced media experts offer services that will help you understand and anticipate media behaviour, avoid common mistakes and ensure that your company’s message always lands in the right way.

At Lantern Comitas, our clients are at the centre of everything we do.  No matter their size, sector or mission – we are here to help our clients build relationships, manage change, and achieve their organisational objectives.


Written by Lantern Comitas

Our senior strategic communications team is on hand to guide, advise and shape the communications strategy of your brand.

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