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The requirement

AWS enlisted Lantern Comitas to organize and promote two key events:

  1. A media presentation and roundtable to promote its collaboration with the medical supply chain startup mPharma.

  2. The AWS AmaliTech re/Start Graduation in Takoradi, Ghana.

Media Presentation and Roundtable

The primary objective was to highlight AWS's dedication to enabling social impact, particularly in the health sector, through mPharma’s solutions across Africa and the AWS Health Equity Initiative. The event aimed to provide journalists with insights into how cloud technology can support efforts to address disparities in global public health. Despite the short notice and schedule alterations, the goal was to foster connections and relationships between AWS, mPharma, and the media in Ghana, facilitating meaningful engagement and dialogue.

AWS AmaliTech re/Start Graduation Coverage

AWS sought to highlight its investment of more than EUR€5 million in Ghana to expand the supply of qualified professionals in cloud computing and increase diversity. This investment is allocated over the next three years to AmaliTech, a social enterprise that provides employment pathways for young people in Ghana. The event aimed to celebrate the graduation of 106 students who completed the AWS re/Start program, a cohort-based workforce development initiative that helps individuals build cloud computing skills and connects learners with employment opportunities.

The results

AWS mPharma Media Presentation and Roundtable

The media roundtable, marking AWS's first collaboration with Lantern Comitas, was a notable success. Eight journalists from various media outlets attended, representing print, broadcast, radio, and online platforms. During the event, journalists engaged with key representatives, including:

  • Gregory Rockson, CEO of mPharma

  • Robin Njiru, Public Sector Lead for West & East Africa at AWS

  • Danielle Morris, Global Health Equity Lead at AWS

The event facilitated insightful discussions and built connections between AWS, mPharma, and the media in Ghana. Onsite one-on-one interactions provided further opportunities for in-depth discussions and relationship-building between the stakeholders. The news of the event garnered significant attention and was published in multiple media outlets, including MyJoyOnline.

AWS AmaliTech re/Start Graduation Coverage

Lantern Comitas successfully covered the AWS AmaliTech re/Start Graduation in Takoradi. The graduation ceremony celebrated the achievements of 106 students who received AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner certificates after three months of training. The event drew regional and national media attention, securing 11 instances of coverage. Notably, the event was featured on major platforms such as Citinewsroom and Ghanaweb.


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