Our work


The requirement

Lantern Comitas was tasked with leading the communications effort for the ambitious operation of relocating 21 rare black rhinos to the Loisaba Conservancy in Kenya. With the aim of highlighting the significance of this conservation initiative, the agency needed to prepare meticulous communication plans and strategies. Given the sensitive nature of the operation and the potential risks involved, including threats to both the animals and the reputation of the authorities, Lantern Comitas had to work closely with various stakeholders, including local communities, conservation organizations, government agencies, and the media. The agency also had to ensure strict adherence to a media embargo while orchestrating the coverage of the event to maintain its integrity and impact.

The results

Following meticulous planning and coordination, the translocation operation commenced in January, led by veterinary teams from the Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS). Lantern Comitas facilitated media coverage, upheld the embargo, and captured historic moments. Their team members accompanied the rhinos during their journey and coordinated with stakeholders on the ground. Upon successful completion, the embargo lifted, and Lantern Comitas ensured global dissemination of captivating images and footage. The agency's efforts resulted in widespread coverage worldwide, including prominent platforms like The Times, Bloomberg, and The Guardian, amplifying the conservation achievement. Lantern Comitas also contributed to community-led celebrations at Loisaba Conservancy, marking the rhinos' return after five decades.


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